Kits Produced by Q Connection

Massey Concrete Instrument (Signal) House in HO & N
CB&Q HO Signs Along the Right-of-way
CB&Q HO Scale West Burlington Depot
CB&Q HO Scale Wood Tower
CB&Q HO Scale 30' 4-Window Wood Waycar
CB&Q HO Scale 30' Side-Door Wood Waycar
CB&Q 28' 3-Window Wood Waycar
CB&Q HO Scale Havelock Baggage/Express Kit
CB&Q N Scale Havelock Baggage/Express Car Sides
CB&Q HO Scale Dry Closet (Outhouse) Kits
HO Scale GATX Pressure-Slide "Whalebelly" Hopper (CB&Q & SAL versions)


Prototype Photos/Descriptions:

N Scale Havelock Baggage/Express Car Sides 
(Car Sides Only - Use with American Limited Core Kit)

No. 1900..............................$12.95       


HO Scale GATX Pressure-Slide "Whalebelly" HopperORDER NOW!!

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CB&Q Kit  NEW MSRP....$79.99               
SAL Kit  NEW MSRP.......$79.99               

The Q Connection Ltd. Edition kit includes a one-piece cast resin building with rough sides to simulate the seamless concrete. The roof, door, hinges door handle, door spring and door hook are part of the casting, all you need to do is paint them silver. A separate roof vent, and appropriate dimension lumber for the wire support comes with the HO version.

In 1965, General American Transportation Corporation (GATX), designed a new-style covered hoppers called “Pressure-Slide” for the transporting of dry bulk material.  They provided only one compartment that was pneumatically discharged using an elaborate low pressure (50-80 p.s.i.) air ductwork system. The unique shape of the tank quickly led to their nickname, “whalebelly hoppers.”
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Photo: George Speir

SAL Photo, Courtesy


87-1273  CB&Q & BN.................$  8.25  
87-1274  SAL & SCL..................$  8.25   
87-1275  SBD, CSX & Dragon.....$  8.25   

CB&Q/BN NE-10 Modernized Waycar
 HO Scale Cast Resin Kits

Hofman NE-10

To see more images of an assembled but unfinished kit and
cast resin parts, click here.

NE-10 Kit - w/Std. 33" wheels $57.00
NE-10 Kit - w/Semi-scale wheels $59.00

The CB&Q/BN NE-10 Waycar kit is a craftsman level cast resin kit.  The kitsinclude:
- one-piece cast resin body
- multiple-piece underframe & Tichy brake sprue
- resin castings for brake stands, end railings
- lost wax cast brass 4-rung ladders
- cast resin wood roofwalks
- Tichy metal grate roofwalks
 -parts for the wagon-wheel antenna
- brake line and hand grab wire
- Q Connection smokejack
- 2 white metal toilet vent stacks
- Tahoe Model Works Bettendorf Swing Motion
  trucks with either standard tread InterMountain
  33" wheelsets, or Semi-scale tread InterMountain
  33" wheelsets for only $2.00 more
- Kadee #178 semi-scale whisker couplers and
  draft gear are also included
(The modeler will be required to bend and install their own hand grabs and cupola roof grab irons with the wire included in the kit.)

An added feature is a thinned area in the proper location for the fourth window (which is blanked out on the casting) that may be used as a guide to opening it for four windows on each side, allowing the modeler to build the as-delivered version of this waycar.

Massey Concrete Instrument House in HO & N

Production castings without additional parts.

Sorry - HO scale currently unavailable due to problems with the company that casts them.

HO Scale Concrete Instrument House......$9.95     

N Scale Concrete Instrument House........$4.95     

When the Burlington wanted something to last, they had it made out of concrete! These small, yet ubiquitous concrete instrument houses (also known as signal houses or signal shacks) were no exception, many still serving today on the BNSF! Used system-wide, these virtually indestructible buildings housed electrical signal equipment and were often found near grade crossings. Q Connection is offering a kit of the 6' 6" x 9' 6" version. 





Jim Singer Photo

HO Scale Concrete Instrument House...6 pack  $54.95    

N Scale Concrete Instrument House.....6 pack  $24.95    

HO Signs Along the Right-of-way

Sorry - These kits are currently unavailable due to problems with the company that laser cuts them.

Set makes over 65 assorted,  prototypically correct signs!!

Included in this set:
· Custom Laser Wood Signs
· Custom Decal Sheet
· Copy of BRHS Standard Sign Data Sheet #1

For signs with metal posts, use 1/64" wire to simulate the 1 ½" boiler flue tubing .

BRHS Standard Sign Data Sheet #1 has been reproduced with permission by the BRHS Board of Directors.

Original copies of the Data Sheet can be purchased thru the BRHS Company Store

CB&Q HO Scale West Burlington Depot  

Also available - Screen Door & Window Kit for this model....$5.95

Q Connection Kit w/tab roofing ......$69.95              

Located on the north side of the Chicago to Denver CB&Q Mainline, the West Burlington Depot was one of the smallest buildings in the West Burlington Shop complex.  This depot is a standard CB&Q design that may be found in many smaller communities along the CB&Q.  As shown below, this depot lasted well into the BN era.

Photo by Dave Lotz

CB&Q HO Scale Wood Tower

AMB Kit No. 160....................$49.95                 


Wood Tower, located at the junction of the Burlington, Iowa to St. Louis, Missouri K-Line and the Chicago to Denver mainline, just on the west bank to the Mississippi River, was built in the 1882 and was operational until the 1959.  Shown here is the West side away from the tracks.
Wood Tower
Photo Courtesy Norm Snider

CB&Q HO Scale 30' 4-Window Wood Waycar

AMB Kit No. 855.....................$46.95                

This model represents the NE-2, NE-3, NE-6, NE-7, NE-8 and NE-9 class waycars.  Features include options to build with the older wooden cupola or the more modern metal plated cupola, and an Athearn floor and frame with provisions for modification.

Note: the AMB waycar kits do not include trucks, wheelsets, couplers or decals.  We have Microscale Decals and Finishing Kits available to complete this model.


CB&Q NE-4 waycar #14534 passes through Brookfield, Illinois just prior to the BN merger in 1969.  Built in the Q's Galesburg, Illinois Shops in December of 1871, this waycar is representative of the family of 30' 4-window wooden waycars represented by this model.                                             
Photo by Mike Bezin

CB&Q HO Scale 30' Side-Door Wood Waycar

AMB Kit No. 858......................$46.95                

This model represents a group of NE4 class cars rebuilt by the CB&Q with baggage doors for LCL service in the late 1950's and early 1960's. Two different style baggage doors are included.  Kit features laser-cut parts for precise fit, modified Athearn underframe, and white metal smokejack.

Note: the AMB waycar kits do not include trucks, wheelsets, couplers or decals.  We have Microscale Decals and Finishing Kits available to complete this model.

CB&Q 28' 3-Window Wood Waycar

AMB Kit No.866........................$46.95                

28' 3-window
(Model Photo unavailable)

This model represents the NE-1 and NE-4 28-foot, three-window prototype waycars that the CB&Q owned and operated from the 1904 consolidation until the 1970 merger. Many of these waycars received at least one if not two rebuilds during their lifetime. Sometime in the 1930's, the wooden end ladders were replaced with steel, wooden underframes were replaced with steel, and the wooden cupola sides and ends were covered with zinc sheeting. Some of these options are included with this kit. At least 54 of the 28', three-window wooden waycars survived the BN merger and were used for several years before being retired, most of them gone by 1978. This 100% laser-cut wood kit also includes an Athearn underframe, Grandt Line turnbuckles, and AMB white metal smokejack.

Note: the AMB waycar kits do not include trucks, wheelsets, couplers or decals.  We have Microscale Decals and Finishing Kits available to complete this model

 CB&Q HO Scale Dry Closet Kits

Q Connection Single Kit (2 per Package)....$12.95   
Q Connection Double Kit (1 per Package)...$14.95   

Double Compartment Assembled Kit

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Prior to the advent of indoor plumbing, the CB&Q had many of these "Dry Closets" AKA Outhouses, for use by customers and employees.  The Double Compartment Dry Closets were more commonly found a passenger depots, while the Single Compartment version could be found at many small depots These are easy kits to assemble, requiring only one or at the most, two evenings to complete. Please note that the kit does not include the prototypical smell!                     




Single Compartment

HO Scale Havelock Baggage/Express Kit


Connection HO Havelock Kit............$45.50       

Kit includes:
  • 2 acrylic car sides and 4 separate doors from American Model Builders (LaserKit). The acrylic doors are scored replicating flush mounted windows and are pre-masked for ease of painting. The grab iron holes are pre drilled making installation easy!

  • 1 Train Station Products Pullman Standard Core Kit for the floor, roof, ends, truck frames and 8 roof vents. The TSP floor and roof need to be shortened to the correct length.

  • 1 pair of Kadee #158 Whisker couplers (**NEW**)

  • 4 Kadee #522 smooth black 36" non-magnetic metal wheels with true to prototype accurate markings,  smooth tracking, free rolling, insulated axles with RP-25 contour

  • Assembly instructions include a BRHS scale drawing and a list of detail parts which you will need to purchase separately

Finished Kit sans underbody details

Parts included in the kit

Burlington's Havelock Economy Baggage cars were built to meet the needs of a booming mail and express business following the end of World War II.  Closely patterned after the GN-built lightweight  baggage and express cars, 273-276, the Q initially built 30 of these cars at the Havelock, Nebraska Shops from October of 1950 through May of 1951.  Ten were fitted for Zephyr service with electrically operated straight air brakes, painted in the "Simulated Stainless Steel" (SSS) scheme (aluminum body with dark gray shadow lining to simulate the fluting/corrugation of the stainless steel Zephyr equipment) and were classed BA-19 and the other 20 were equipped for general service, painted in the standard Pullman Green and were classed BA-19A.  Another 30 of these cars were built iat Havelock n March and April of 1952 with 10 as Zephyr-equipped, SSS painted BA-19s and the remaining 20 as general service cars in Pullman Green. By the 1960's the BA19s all wore solid aluminum paint.  

At the 1970 BN merger, 37 of the original 60 cars remained in revenue service, with most in dead storage.  One car, Q 1036 was painted in the BN Cascade Green and renumbered BN #7025 before the end of 1970.  After Amtrak's creation in 1971, there was no longer a need for these in passenger service, so many of these cars ended up in BN Maintenance of Way service, numbered in the 968000-series and 976000-series, some retaining their old CB&Q paint, while others received a coat of BN's boxcar red company service paint.  A few even survived beyond the BNSF merger.