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The Aurora Branch

Q Connection is pleased to provide the following Custom Burlington decals:
HO Signs Along the Right-of-way
SignsDecal Click to enlarge
HO Scale Passenger Ribbon
HBdecal Click to enlarge
Black................ $7.00    
Gold.................. $7.00    
HO Scale Twin City/Nebraska Zephyr
NZdecalClick to enlarge


(2 decal set)........$8.25     
HO Scale Suburban Service Set
SuburbanDecalClick to enlarge
Created specifically for NKP Car's PA-14 Heavyweight Suburban Coach - set will do 2 cars



Q Connection will no longer be reordering from Microscale at this time. Those sets we run out of will be marked as Out or Stock and the price set to $0.00. We apologize for any inconvenience..

Click on the Railroad's name below to load a page of Microscale's decals for that road.  The Microscale pages contain links to view images of the sets.  Clicking on those links also allows you to see if that particular set is available from Microscale.
Chicago Burlington & Quincy (CB&Q)
Burlington Northern (BN)
Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF)

HO Scale CB&Q Sets

N Scale CB&Q Sets

O Scale CB&Q Sets

G Scale CB&Q Sets

HO Scale CB&Q Flat Car Set
CB&Q Flat Car Decals
Click to enlarge
Set will letter two cars.

 TABFlatModelClick to enlarge

CB&Q Flat Car Decals.....$4.00
HO Scale CB&Q 24' "Pup" Trailer and Cab Set
TAB 24' Trailer decal
Click to enlarge
Set will letter one cab & Trailer.

 24FootFlatClick to enlarge

CB&Q 24' "Pup" Trailer Decals.....$4.00
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