CB&Q HT-10 Hoppers & C&S HT-10C Hoppers
They've Arrived!!
HT-10 at BN

Custom run of Broadway Limited's AAR 70-ton Triple Hoppers
built at the Q's Havelock shops.
Three CB&Q road numbers in the 1948-1949 mineral red scheme,
two road numbers in company service orange applied to the last ten 1949-built cars where
roller bearings were appled inside the standard bearing truck frames,
and three 1961-built C&S road numbers in Chinese Red with roller bearing truck frames.




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Model Features:

  • Broadway's model is accurately scaled from prototype blueprints - Fine rivet detail throughout interior and exterior - Wire grab irons -
    Separate brake line and brake hoses - Correct Ajax brake wheel - Two newly-tooled 70-ton trucks - solid bearing and roller bearing -
    Improved truck mounting design - Brake shoe and brake beam detail on trucks - Metal wheelsets feature prototypical wheel face contours -
    Factory equipped with metal Kadee-compatible knuckle couplers - Removable ABS coal load. Detailed and decorated interior -
    Fine printing accurately reproduces builders' stencils, trust lettering, repack data, and other minor lettering
    Brake test stencil data printed on brake reservoir where appropriate.

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GN 1955 Empire Builder
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NBL Biz flyer

Northbank Lines' 3rd business car project that will include multiple versions of the following:

DM&IR Northland and combine W24 in a 2-car boxed set
N&W #300 Roanok and as Ocean
CB&Q #87 and #94 General John A. Hulen
Rock Island #101 Lake Michigan and as MRL #101 Silver Cloud
WP #101 in 3 paint schemes    

Ed has also decided to test the water with a very limited run of NP Z class, GN L-1 class and CB&Q T-1 class 2-6-6-2s.  Two of these locomotives have never been produced in HO scale and the other was only produced in a generic form nearly 50-years ago.  I will send more information when details are finalized but Ed expects to announce two versions of the NP Z class, two versions of the GN L-1 class and one version of the CB&Q T-1 class with production around 15 models per version.

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Holtz Book

Hot off the Presses!!

                          WHAT IF - Milwaukee Road + Rock Island
                                    by Brian Holtz and Brian Sigstad

The demise of the Milwaukee Road and Rock Island railroads is a very emotional and opinionated subject, with claims and unproven counterclaims.  Authors Holtz and Sigstad cleverly sidestep these issues by retreating to a failed proposal to merge the two lines in 1958.  It was a time when the merger could have saved both lines and built a strong and competitive system. Both railroads were at their strongest in the 20th century,  after World War Two profits had rejuvenated them in an overbuilt midwestern rail system.

The authors consummate the proposed merger of the two lines to suggest unique methods of organizing and managing railroads to improve and grow the combined system.  Through developing a business plan for the new company, interesting facts are revealed about midwestern railroading and how application of successful non-rail business principles could be applied to railroads.  The railroad game is played within the boundaries dictated by the Interstate Commerce Commission, Federal and State governments, competitive railroads and individual personalities of the period.  The book will be interesting reading for those who mourn the loss of the Milwaukee and Rock Island lines and anyone interested in alternate ways to organize and manage railroads.

The Reviews are Coming in!

Read a review of the book by Adam Burns, host of the American Rails website by clicking here.


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There are a few signed and numbered copies available from the first printing for friends & family which contain a few minor typographical errors.

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Second Printing with corrections made.
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A 68-page 8.5" x 11" perfect-bound book from Creative Railroading which includes many color images and maps



Brass Header

Our Brass page was updated May 5th with ALL the brass we currently have available for sale! We recently acquired a new collection of Shoreham Shops and Railway Classics cars and sets including a 7-car set of 1952 Milwaukee Twin CIties Hiawatha cars with a Super Dome and Rapids series observation.

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 Burlington Route Historical Society's
 Burlington Bulletin No 70
Burlletin #70
Bulletin 70, a 44-page issue, has three articles. The first article is by David J. Leider, and covers the history of the Burlington South Chicago Terminal Railway Company, which was organized by the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad to construct a railroad from a point on the Belt Railway of Chicago near 100th Street, extending southerly and southwesterly a distance of 10 miles to the south limits of Chicago to serve the grain elevators along the Grand Calumet River. The second article by William A. Frankey, examines Galesburg, Illinois' first railroad depot designed by John M. Berrien, that served the CB&Q, the Central Military Tract, the Northern Cross, and the Peoria and Oquawka railroads. It also looks at other Berrien-designed dopts on the early CB&Q. The final article about the CB&Q's small fleet of baggage rider cars, comes from the BRHS Archives with a brief introduction written by Editor David Lotz.

Also available are all in-print and newly reprinted back issues of the BRHS's Burlington Bulletins
Click Here to see the other issues that are available for purchase! 

Interested in joining the BRHS?  Click here to go to the BRHS web site
where you may join online.  Be sure to tell them that Q Connection sent you!




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HO Scale Craftsman Level Cast Resin Whalebelly kits.

New Price $79.99 per kit.


GATX Whalebelly Cement Hoppers

SAL pilot


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Hopefully these will again be available soon.



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Railway Classics Budd Dome Seats

$8.00 each



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